January 28 2023

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12:00PM – DJ
12:15PM – Pleneros de la Central
12:50PM – Comparsa de Talentos Nacional Puertorriqueña
1:40PM – Julio César Sanabria
2:50PM – Apollo 1027
3:15PM – Los DPR

4:00PM – Edwin El Calvito Reyes 4:50PM – Los Bombys de la Plena 5:45PM – Grupo Afueggo 6:40PM – Algarete 8:00PM – La India 9:40PM – Grupo Mania

¡Pa’ la Sanse Orlando! Ven y disfruta con nosotros de las Fiestas de la Sanse en Orlando, con la música en vivo que te gusta directamente desde Puerto Rico, comida típica puertorriqueña, artesanías y muchas sorpresas más. 

28 de Enero, 2023 - Central Florida Fairgrounds

sanse cabezudos

La Fiesta de la Calle San Sebastian has a long and storied history. It began in 1954 in the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico as an effort by the local church to fund critical street repairs at the center of the city’s historic Viejo San Juan neighborhood. Since then, this vibrant street festival has become a favorite of locals and visitors alike. Its electric carnival atmosphere overtakes the historic blue cobblestone streets of el Viejo San Juan with music, good and outsized “cabezudos,” larger than life puppets of important people and politicians.

La Sanse Takes Orlando is more than just a festival, it is an opportunity for the Puerto Rican community to reconnect with their own traditions and culture in an immersed environment. It is a walk down memory lane with all the flavors, sounds and smells of home.

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